if i ever met a genie i wouldnt wish for a million dollars id wish that whenever i bought something i’d always have the right amount of money to pay for it in my pocket

you are one of the great thinkers of our time

Philadelphia - 14/08


— Everyone’s heart breaking into tiny little pieces (via xverso)

Title: Harry Styles- reaction to winning a Brit
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yuh know thuh ca’egory, aderle, ed shrrerin, fer oohz tuh b cuhnsidered amung those ar’ists, is, massive fuh oohz; an’ tuh win, jus’ shows how guhd our fahns ahre, we lub dem, and… lEtS gO paRtY, aNd yoUre LauGHIng ayt mE cos u knOw I”m saYin’ stooopid thihngs !! 1! heheh HEhe


If marvel doesn’t come out with a dancing Groot in a pot figurine that I can put on my desk I am going to be pissed. 

orphan black s2 meme | six things
kisses [2/6]

you’ve got to go through some rough times to appreciate the good times. (insp)